Supporting USGIF’s EdGEOcation Giving Campaign

Navanti Group, LLC is pleased to announce a $1,000 donation in support of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), which aims to reach $5,000 in donations by December 31st for its EdGEOcation Giving Campaign. USGIF is dedicated to promoting geospatial intelligence tradecraft within and among the private sector, government, academia, and individual stakeholders. With its EdGEOcation campaign, it provides scholarships, certifications, and STEM materials to K-12 school students.

Navanti welcomes the opportunity to support the mission of the foundation, as it believes strongly in the importance of geospatial intelligence as a critical cornerstone for cross-cutting analysis in many other fields — to include security and environmental, health, and transportation. Geospatial analysis is a key component of every Navanti project, and the company is proud to support this campaign, which will provide scholarships, guidance, and materials to future leaders in the field.

Navanti also support USGIF’s mission to bring the various disciplines together that benefit from geospatial intelligence to collaborate on ideas and best practices while also furthering the promotion of the geospatial intelligence field. As a research firm that works to improve human security by providing global decision-makers with real-time data and analysis, Navanti understands not just the importance of data, but also the importance of bringing together those looking at similar problem sets in order to work collaboratively and to improve mission performance.

We couldn’t be happier to support the goals of the USGIF, which is working to advance innovation and increase the community of interest surrounding geospatial intelligence,” said Andy Black, Navanti’s CEO. “Today’s intelligence professionals need to have a wide range of skillsets in order to provide the complete picture necessary for good analysis. Geospatial intelligence is an integral, cross-cutting discipline that we know to be crucial to our work, so organizations such as USGIF that work constantly to empower future leaders and improve the field are essential.