Management Excellence for Operations (MEO)

Navanti secured a seat on The Management Excellence for Operations (MEO) IDIQ. It is an Agency-wide $40 million indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract. The purpose of the MEO IDIQ is to strengthen operations performance management practices at USAID. Specifically, operating units can use MEO to:

analyze operations performance data, processes, and management issues to improve USAID’s efficiency and effectiveness;

provide surge capacity, support, and technical assistance to USAID operating units to comply with internal and external requirements related to operations performance management;

improve the USAID’s internal and external communications, products, and information.

All Washington and overseas USAID operating units can access MEO. The Bureau for Management’s Office of Management Policy, Budget, and Performance (M/MPBP) manages the MEO contract, and each task order is independently administered by the issuing operating unit. If an operating unit is interested in using MEO, it must submit a scope of work to the contracting office representative (COR) for approval. The COR, Maggie Strong, can be reached at