Alignment with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Sustainability Goals and Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reductions Goals (“GHG”)

Navanti is an applied analytics company, making complex environments accessible through actionable data and does not generate signficant greenhouse has emissions. The company, however, is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment.
EPA Sustainability Goals Navanti Group Goal/Performance
Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • reduce by GHGs by 25% by 2024
  • reduce Facility Energy by 3% annually
  • use Renewable Energy
  • reduce Fleet Petroleum Use
  • Reduce absolute GHG emissions by 25% by 2024 (2020 baseline)
  • promote bike commute and public transportation
Maintain Comprehensive GHG Inventory
  • reduce business travel carbon emissions by 1% as cost measured against total cost (20202 baseline)
  • enroll in third party verified travel
  • promote video conference calls
High-Performance Sustainable Design / Green Buildings; Regional & Local Planning
  • identify LEED certified office space
  • develop policies for energy management, which includes requirements for energy efficient technologies
Water Use Efficiency and Management: Reduce Potable Water Intensity 25% by 2024
  • reduce absolute water consumption by 25% by 2024 (2020 baseline)
  • promote usage of reusable containers
Pollution Prevention And Waste Reduction; divert 50% of non-hazardous waste from landfills by 2024
  • reduce waste to landfill by 25% by 2024 (2020 baseline)
  • promote use of reusable cups
Sustainable Acquisition
  • conduct a workshop in order to develop a sustainable supply chain management program, engaging and integrating with key suppliers where reduction opportunities lie
  • incorporate environmentally friendly language into solicitations and corporate agreements
Electronic Stewardship and Data Centers
  • implemented a electronics stewardship commitment to improve internal process (including the use of certified vendors
  • eduction employees to make smarter, better-informed decisions around e-waste
  • consolidate data center efforts