Fuel Shortages Impact Maiduguri, Nigeria

Fuel Shortages Impact Maiduguri, Nigeria

While Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari awaits Senate approval of supplemental fuel subsidies as a part of a wider 413 billion NGN [2.1 billion USD] budget adjustment, black market fuel prices in Borno State capital Maiduguri have reportedly tripled.

The northeastern city of Maiduguri is where Islamic extremist group Boko Haram (BH), now affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) as Wilaya Gharb Ifriqiyyah — Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWA), was founded a decade ago.

It’s just a rumor that fuel prices will decrease. Right now, people are saying they think prices will hardly change because Buhari is delaying the reduction in prices.
— Male, 27, Student, Maiduguri

As the city awaits a decision, fuel tankers have stopped supplying Maiduguri because it’s rumored that, once approved, fuel prices will drop from 87 to 57 NGN per liter within the next month.

The fuel shortage has reduced vehicle movement in Maiduguri and, according to some residents, is impacting BH’s ability to execute attacks because BH has less fuel stored in their camps for operational use.

Although official and black market sellers in Maiduguri remain open, independent fuel suppliers are refusing to sell to official market vendors. This has increased demand for black market fuel, causing prices to triple.

Buhari pledged the fuel price decreases during the 2015 Nigerian presidential campaign.