Navanti Awarded Subcontract on USAID Career Center Project in Morocco

Arlington, Virginia: Navanti to design eLearning course and produce videos for USAID’s Career Center project in Morocco, which sponsors the development of Career Centers attached to universities and vocational training institutions to increase the work readiness of Moroccan youth.      

Navanti has been awarded a subcontract from FHI 360 in the implementation of the USAID Career Center project in Morocco. This project is designed to increase the employability of Moroccan youth by establishing a series of Career Centers that provide work readiness training in close collaboration with the Moroccan government.

As part of the sustainability plan for the USAID Career Center project, FHI 360 is working on a toolkit to help Moroccan institutions open Career Centers of their own, based on the experience of the six pilot centers in Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangier. The toolkit will contain a series of user-friendly, digital materials that will guide aspiring Career Center administrators through the steps necessary to open, launch, and develop a Career Center. Other materials will cover topics such as private sector outreach, youth engagement, and host institution engagement. Navanti is working closely with FHI 360 to design the eLearning course and produce the videos that will be featured in USAID’s Career Center toolkit. 

“Navanti is excited to support the demand for focused capacity development in the Maghreb,” said Navanti CEO Fred Payne. “This effort provides tools that enable users to manage their own learning process while building the skills they need to succeed in a competitive economic environment. The creation of eLearning modules in support of the Career Center effort increases the likelihood of sustainability and facilitates the local ownership and capacity building that is at the core of the USAID Career Center project’s support for the Journey to Self-Reliance in Morocco.” 

Navanti has more than five years’ experience conducting on-the-ground research for public sector clients like USAID, in furtherance of development programming across the MENA region and Africa. The USAID Career Center project is an excellent opportunity for the company to expand its business portfolio in development beyond analysis, program design, and monitoring and evaluation, and into the sphere of project implementation.

“Navanti hopes that through its work and the work of its partners on this project, we will contribute to strengthening local communities and develop opportunities for youth employment,” said Navanti Senior Consultant Rajae Nami, who is overseeing the company’s effort on the USAID Career Center project. 

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Navanti provides timely and insightful data and analysis that shapes programming and empowers local voices, bringing their concerns, ideas, and knowledge to a broader audience. Its systems inform high quality interventions in rapidly evolving, conflict affected environments, employing an approach to contextual, nuanced data that uncovers and engages local actors and opportunities in need of support, resources and training – to create sustainable and transformative solutions that impact their communities. Navanti offers near-real time understanding of local dynamics, enabling an anticipatory programmatic capacity that takes advantage of near horizon change.