Navanti Group’s Adaptive Management

Original article was published at the Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC)

Navanti Group’s Adaptive Management

The start of a new year provides an excellent opportunity for resolutions, not just for individuals, but for companies as well. It is an ideal moment to pause and reflect, to decide what’s working, what’s not, what might work, and what it would take to operationalize our vision. At Navanti Group, where adaptive management defines how we operate, we use this moment to brainstorm as a team where we need to focus and how to track progress throughout the year. A collaborative effort identifies goals and then maps out ways to achieve them. For 2023, Navanti Group has defined both external goals and internal initiatives:

External Goals:

  • Continue to deliver high quality, state of the art primary data collection and analysis from conflict affected locations around the globe.
  • Build capacity among our local research networks to provide inclusive, gender-sensitive research that acknowledges the impact that exclusion has on marginalized populations, providing a more complete understanding of local realities to donors and clients.
  • Expand our technical expertise in support of evidence driven programming through the provision of utilization focused Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning.
  • Grow data driven efforts that drive human capital development, training, and management consulting support for our clients. Augment our capacity for strategic and behavior change communications in support of client initiatives.

Internal Initiatives:

  • Digital integration of Navanti data systems in order to streamline access and cross-program learning.
  • Worldwide recruiting and training effort to increase the diversity of, and capacity for inclusive research by, our local research networks.
  • Standardization of management processes via software that allows for certification.
  • Building consistent capacity to manage a larger and more streamlined local footprint in countries of interest.

As a decision-support consultancy that provides primary data collection, bespoke analysis, access to cultural and subject matter experts, and management support, Navanti continuously builds relationships and skill sets that are of value to our clients. Our vision is that proper application of deep cultural knowledge and the incorporation of local stakeholder voices is the key to solving the complex problems that still block secure, equitable, and sustainable development around the world. Our mission is continue to build a diverse, trusted, and highly skilled network of people that empowers locals to shape the evidence base that impacts their communities and lives. And as the name suggests (Navanti from the Latin “navans”) – our approach is to tackle these complex problems with enthusiasm and optimism.

Ultimately, Navanti Group believes that the key to success is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. “At Navanti, we believe that in order to achieve inclusive results for local partners we have to commit not just to our goals, but also to the processes that make them actionable, and the people that make them possible,” says Navanti CEO Fred Payne. “We have to practice what we preach, and not be afraid to make mistakes, keeping the focus on rapid learning and flexible adaptation. That is what guides our new year brainstorming and allows us to stay on track throughout the year.”