Navanti Awarded USAID Analytical Services IV IDIQ Contract

Arlington, Virginia: Navanti has been awarded the USAID Analytical Services IV (ASIV) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to support USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in furtherance of the Center’s goals to promote resilient, democratic societies, and support US foreign policy objectives.

Specifically, the IDIQ contract is intended to provide the Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance with the experts, resources, and analytical tools to respond to the following:

●      Requests for democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) assessments,

●      Technical assistance to support DRG strategic planning, program design, and results management,

●      Research, special studies, and surveys,

●      Potential training and networking support, and

●      Rapid response transitional environment support.

“This IDIQ, with a ceiling of $70 million, represents a dynamic opportunity to support USAID’s core efforts to strengthen democratic governance as a component of the Journey to Self-Reliance,” said Fred Payne, Navanti’s CEO.

 “In 2013, we won our first subcontract to empower USAID with real-time, on-the-ground actionable data visualization and assessments. Since 2017, we have served as a prime contractor to USAID’s Management Bureau with a focus on data analysis, technical assistance, and communication. This award is another stepping stone in our path towards providing USAID’s worldwide programs with vital analytical and design support.”

 The ASIV IDIQ enables Navanti, along with its major subcontractor, Management Systems International (MSI), to assist strategic planning, program design, and results management for USAID for the next seven years. “We are excited to work with our colleagues at MSI on this important effort in furtherance of USAID’s policy goals,” said Navanti CEO Fred Payne.  

“USAID has long recognized that political dynamics in the countries where they work impact development outcomes and US foreign policy interests,” said Navanti IDIQ Manager Joe McSpedon. “Navanti and our team are excited to support USAID’s evidence-based programming efforts through innovative analysis that amplifies local voices, concerns and solutions.”

“This award recognizes our desire to create positive change and presents us with the challenge of supporting resilience in democratic societies,” said Navanti CEO Fred Payne. “Through the trust of USAID, it drives our young organization forward to develop Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance around the globe.”