Navanti Joins the Society for International Development

Arlington, Virginia: In January, the Navanti Group joined the Society for International Development – Washington, DC chapter (SID-W), a major consortium of development actors, including implementors, donors, NGOs, think tanks, and consultants. SID-W membership provides Navanti with networking opportunities and the ability to attend talks and working groups, and represents a step towards the company’s ongoing goal of expanding its presence in the development sphere. 

SID is a “town square” for the global development community that brings professionals together in a neutral space to talk about humanitarian, stabilization, transition, and long-term development work. SID organizes regional and thematic working groups, as well as monthly chapter events and an annual flagship conference on trends in the international development world.

Navanti Senior Consultant Rajae Nami attended the company’s first SID-W event on January 17 in Washington, DC. Fundraising and Consultancy Management Consultant Han Valk led the event, called Diversifying Your Funding, where he stressed the following points:

·     The importance of securing multiple streams of funding not just to minimize risk, but also to challenge existing processes, and learn how to approach new projects and unfamiliar environments. 

·     The difficulty of acquiring EU funding, particularly for businesses that are not already established in Europe. Companies may have better luck approaching EU member country embassies, or relevant country institutions (such as Britain’s DFID) that are based in the global south.

For more information on SID-W, you can visit their website here.

Who we are

Navanti provides timely and insightful data and analysis that shapes programming and empowers local voices, bringing their concerns, ideas, and knowledge to a broader audience. Its systems inform high quality interventions in rapidly evolving, conflict-affected environments, employing an approach to contextual, nuanced data that uncovers and engages local actors and opportunities in need of support, resources and training – to create sustainable and transformative solutions that impact their communities. Navanti offers near-real time understanding of local dynamics, enabling an anticipatory programmatic capacity that takes advantage of near horizon change.