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Navanti makes complex environments accessible through actionable data. We blend local perspectives with expert analysis, delivering real-time insight on dynamic economic, political, and security trends shaping our world.

We are linguists, analysts, researchers, and strategists dedicated to delivering real time insight into the economic, political, and security trends shaping our world.

Who we are

Navanti is an applied analytics company, making complex environments accessible through actionable data. We help clients operate in countries across Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East through data analytics, crowdsourcing, and custom applied solutions.

Navanti’s clients benefit from our unique data sets, real time analytics, and technology enabled solutions.

Our people make the difference. Navanti recruits multi-talented people, who possess a curiosity about the world and a desire to make a positive impact. We celebrate diversity and promote multi-disciplinary approaches. At Navanti, recruits join high-performance teams, enjoy unique career opportunities, and work on solving some of the most challenging problems of our times.

Our dataset will change your mindset

Case Study 1

A multi-national energy firm with significant infrastructure investments in a Middle Eastern country found their people and assets are at risk from the emergence of a new insurgent group. Beyond just security insights, Navanti provided a holistic view of how these security risks were affecting local citizens, infrastructure, and markets.

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# Infrastructure
# Analysis
# Security

Case Study 2

An international development client sought to increase engagement among youth in Africa. They required a detailed understanding of the media landscape, economy, youth participation in government and civil society activities. Navanti compiled extensive data and analysis on media consumption, ICT technology access, and governance to deliver actionable insights. In the end, the client achieved record youth engagement in a focused, multi-channel marketing campaign.

# Africa
# Media
# Research
# Marketing

Case Study 3

A client was interested in creating an innovative video on insecurity in Nigeria as a training tool under a tight deadline. Navanti constructed a clip that combined current insight from local actors, detailed analysis, and large data sets in an informative and easily digestible format ahead of schedule. The client received a product that it could disseminate easily and quickly use to educate many on a complex situation.

# Nigeria
# Video
# Analysis
# Information
“Navanti allows me to get beyond the "just a designer" cliche. By its nature, the uniqueness and significance of the projects I’m constantly involved in demands that I combine my digital illustrative skills with my tangible expertise to garner immediate and direct results in the physical world. Pretty exciting!”
Visual Designer
“Navanti has given me the freedom and autonomy to advance my career, while researching a variety of topical issues utilizing cutting-edge processes and tools. The office is well staffed with intelligent individuals hailing from a diverse set of backgrounds, driven by a similar passion to address difficult issues and make the world a better place.”
Senior Analyst
"In my research I get to focus on an area that I’m really passionate about, and I love the people I work with. Several of us have become really good friends. Working with good people makes me excited to come to work every day."
Eurasia Analyst
“Navanti is comprised of an amazing group of people that are extremely passionate about their work. I have seen this company grow over the years from a small start up to a thriving business that is changing industry standards.  Our CEO always puts people first.  Which is one of the many reasons this place is extraordinary. “
HR Manager
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Our process


Navanti has built a multi-layered approach to gathering real-time data in hard to reach places. Combining the power of social media with on-the-ground researchers, Navanti has 6+ years of micro-level data that drives our analytics.


Navanti moves beyond “big data” to provide deeply contextualized insight and actionable conclusions. We employ teams of linguists, analysts, and graphics specialists to maximize user insight.


Navanti offers custom solutions where the power of our analytics can be applied to our clients’ operational needs. 


28 countries where we have full established access


Countries with current Navanti Projects


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Masters and Ph.D holders

Making a difference 

At Navanti, we empower visionary leaders with key solutions in places most people wouldn't even dream of entering. We provide access to data, locations, and facts on the ground to allow our clients to make informed decisions about their investments, programs, and policies.

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