Risk Overview

Risk Management

Navanti leverages its global data collection and analytical capabilities to provide the intelligence risk managers need to prevent crises and gain the perspective to make sound decisions. 

Navanti cultivates street-level data from developing countries that is collected, curated and delivered in real-time via Pulse with analysts providing project oversight, on-demand analysis, and advisory services. Navanti offers a next generation analytics platform that enables multinational enterprises to assess risk in real time with exquisite data and analytics in high-risk countries. 

For risk clients, Navanti satisfies a number of core requirements: 

  • Threat Assessments, built by area and security specialists
  • Security & Crisis Response Planning, built by experienced risk practitioners
  • Global Intelligence Feed, augmented by street-level data collected by Navanti researchers
  • On-Demand Analytical Support, including consultations and RFI Reporting to meet specialized requirements like pre-proposal reconnaissance, logistics planning, and government relations.

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