Case Studies


Case Study 1

A multi-national energy firm with significant infrastructure investments in a Middle Eastern country found their people and assets are at risk from the emergence of a new insurgent group. Beyond just security insights, Navanti provided a holistic view of how these security risks were affecting local citizens, infrastructure, and markets.

# Middle East, # Infrastructure, # Analysis, # Security


Case study 2

An international development client sought to increase engagement among youth in Africa. They required a detailed understanding of the media landscape, economy, youth participation in government and civil society activities. Navanti compiled extensive data and analysis on media consumption, ICT technology access, and governance to deliver actionable insights. In the end, the client achieved record youth engagement in a focused, multi-channel marketing campaign.

# Africa, # Media, # Research, # Marketing


Case Study 3

A client was interested in creating an innovative video on insecurity in Nigeria as a training tool under a tight deadline. Navanti constructed a clip that combined current insight from local actors, detailed analysis, and large data sets in an informative and easily digestible format ahead of schedule. The client received a product that it could disseminate easily and quickly use to educate many on a complex situation.

# Nigeria, # Video, # Analysis, # Information